Real Estate & Title Agency Solutions

Document management solutions provide real estate and title agencies with the ability to streamline their operations by organizing and storing crucial documents in a centralized digital platform. This not only enhances accessibility and collaboration among team members but also reduces the risk of misplacing or losing important paperwork. Additionally, these solutions often offer advanced search functionalities and automated workflows, further improving efficiency and saving valuable time for agencies.

High Quality In-house Marketing Materials Decreases 3rd Party Costs

  • Authenticated printing lets you efficiently charge back.
  • One touch printing streamlines your process to decrease time spent.
  • Print-to-any-printer tools make your team efficient on the road and in-house.
  • Create document workflows with rules and alerts with browser based over-site.

Document Management Solutions

Improve processes and workflow, from canning and filing case documents to mark-up, translation, circulating documents, and file searches. Associated Business Technologies can help your firm by:

  • Simplify storage and organization and easily search case work, forms, pleadings, contracts and other documents.
  • Integrated Scanning to your existing system software.
  • Include emails and records with client documents.
  • Easily translate documents for bi-lingual case management.
  • Instant access and research records.

Solutions For Your Industry