Printer Sustainability & Recycling Programs

Align your business sustainability goals and grow our global forestry system...Every Time You Print a Page!

The Toner Plus program is designed to provide your devices with unlimited toner products.  Additionally, our Toner Plus program ensures that your devices receive routine maintenance keeping all your devices operating optimally and reducing the time your team spends ordering toner.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is the agreement by which we offer control and accountability of your devices.  We offer remote management to assist with supply fulfillment (and more), and the tool by which we help you meet your organizational sustainability goals.

PrintReleaf is a program that helps you reduce your organization’s carbon footprint.  By back calculating your consumption, PrintReleaf calculates the amount of trees needed to offset your usage.  Trees (in the location of your choosing!) are then planted in your organization’s name.  Your company receives updates in the PrintReleaf dashboard and certificates are created to celebrate your efforts toward global sustainability projects!

Join the Trillion Trees Movement with ABT & PrintReleaf

PrintReleaf is a Certification System and Software Platform for Automated Global Reforestation. Your monthly printing is offset with PrintReleaf's replanting program.


Measure Your Print Consumption

PrintReleaf measures your company's paper consumption over time.Isn't it time your company took a real step toward measuring your ongoing carbon footprint? Your paper consumption data is automatically updated and converted to trees using the PrintReleaf Standard.

Choose Your Replanting Project

Choose Your Forests. You control your region of impact. Explore from your dashboard our network of global reforestation and browse profiles of each project. Select your favorite forests, and your footprint will instantly be Releafed at those regions.

With each transaction, your Lifetime Certificate is automatically updated to reflect your growing reforestation impact PrintReleaf's network of global reforestation projects.

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